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Yeager Properties


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What We Need From You
  • Your Logo

    • Preference is in Vector format, your designer can provide the file to you, but you will not be able to see it.  Typically in .cdr, .ai, .eps.

    • If the image is designed in Raster format then it needs to be at least 300 dpi.

    • Images that you get off of the internet at typically 72 dpi, for quality printing we need a minimum of 300 dpi

    • We can have our graphic designer convert your raster image, even low res, into vector.  Pricing starts at $25

  • Any additional information you need on the sign besides your logo.  What we typically see are:

    • phone number

    • email address

    • web site address

    • Facebook or Instagram addresses; can be QR codes for ease of your customers use

    • appointment application URL, can be QR codes

  • Fonts - the fonts you want to use are important for your branding.  There are literally thousands of fonts available.

    • Go out to and find your font(s), limit to only two (2) per sign

    • Once you decide send an email to identifying which one(s) you want us to use for your additional information.

Proof Approval
  • Once you provide your logo and information you want on the sign we will provide you with a 1st Draft for your approval

  • This is why it is extremely important that you have the best logo, in vector or 300 dpi raster, as well as the correct font

  • In addition to the 1st Draft we will do one more revision without additional charges

    • 2nd Revision Art Fee pricing starts at $10

  • You need to Reply to our Email with Approval before we will proceed​

  • Once we receive  your Proof Approval email we will send you an invoice

    • The price is $34.24 including tax

    • Pricing includes 24" x 24" Styrene board that is yours to keep if you leave Yeager Properties

  • Additional charges may apply such as vectorization, or Art Fee​

  • Once Proof is Approved and Invoice is Paid in Full we will move into production

  • Production time is 5-10 Business days from Proof and Payment approval

    • Typically it is 3-5 business days

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